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What is Racer Support?

The FXR Race Support Program provides sponsorship for amateur and professional riders who compete in such disciplines as motocross, freestyle, off-road, enduro, hillclimb, BMX, oval track, dirt track, ATV, side by side racing. Regardless of skill level, our program has something for every rider. We offer multi-level support for both amateur and professional athlete. We seek riders who excel on and off the track and work as ambassadors for the brand in a positive and professional manner.

I am a racer and I am interested in representing FXR. Who should I send my resumé to? If you are interested in being sponsored by FXR please send your resume to someone@ridetribe.com.au or fill out our form below.


I understand that my acceptance on the race program means that I will be using my machine for competition purposes in a safe and professional manner. I hereby verify that the proceeding information is true and correct; falsifying any information may cause immediate disqualification from any FXR Racing Inc. support.

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